DB Associates - J.D associates

Helena, Montana 0 comments
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I want my money back.This company "took" my money and never sent me my enevlopes to stuff.They promised $10.00 for every envelope stuffed and I havent heard a word from them.I feel ripped off.I live in MT and have 5 kids.My husband makes 10.00 an hour.This is a rip off.I feel so cheated.This company suckes.I am so dissapointed.I was wanting to make some money for my family but this company ripped me off.I wanted a job that I could do at home.My dreams of a home job have been ruined.Not only for my Mom But for me also.

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DB Associates - D.B. Associates

Helena, Montana 4 comments
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this sucks.i sent them 59.00 for a fee for them to send me some envelopes to stuff for the company and never heard a word,letter or phone call.i am so mad! i cant afford to send money to fake offices to make money for these rip off company.these companys rip people off.i am sick of it.i have tried to make money for envelope stuffing companys for 10 years and this company is the worst.it sucks.my mom lives on a fixed income and she split the fee with me and i resent the fact that this company rips people off.i am going to send a report to the better buisness bureau...

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Chernihiv, Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine #19484

I also sent this company money.*** hind sight 20/20.

I have recieved zero feedback.

Does anyone have any info on contact for this company?:(

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #9230

I was trying to find more info on this company and found this page.I recived a offer for $177.95 with shipping and handling.

look out for a tan color paper.thank you for changing my mine.

Richfield, Pennsylvania, United States #8316

I also got the same letter and considered sending them 169$ promising rediculous income for stuffing letters...

They give obvious hints like "Reply within 10 days" And the ammount of income they promise is a red flag right off the bat...

I don't know if this is a scam for sure but I am not going to put my money into it knowing this guy just got ripped off...

~Josh from Washington State

Astoria, Oregon, United States #7793

hello I recive an offer about this company D.B. Associates and I was tryng to get more inf. about this and I find your comment that change my mind if somebody else get this offer whach out is a blue paper an they ask you for 59 $ dollars and 8.95 of shipping and handling

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DB Associates - D.B. associates in Fort Lauderdale complaint

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I am really upset about D.B.associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I received a letter saying I would be paid $10.00 for each envelope I stuffed. The letter I received truly was convincing. I read and reread the letter. I took a chance, and sent my money in on July 11th.

The check was cashed on July 18th. I received nothing from them. I wrote a letter hoping there was a mix up. "nothing"..

Please try to track down these scam artists. I did it in good faith and was willing to my part.

Annamarie Evans.N.Wilkesboro

DB Associates

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I too also mailed a check to DB Associates in the amount of 85.00 Dolloars after also receiving a letter from them promising to send me home work and that i can earn Money at Home by stuffing Enevelopes. The Check was cashed on April 30th at Discover Bank. But I still have not heard one word from them or recieved any home work and have no way to get in touch with them.

DB Associates - D.B.Associates

DB Associates
please look into this matter if its true is it a credible company? why are they doing this D.B. Associates Ft Lauderdale

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